SusaHee Performance - Susanne Helmes
SusaHee PerformanceSusaHee Performance

1975-81 University of Aachen, Cologne and Heidelberg, Anthropology M.A., Art History,
Institute for South-Asian Studies, University of Heidelberg

Travelling - Scientific Research on non-verbal expression, festivals and drama of the tribal population (Adivasi) in Orissa, India

1982-84 Study of Contemporary Dance and Classical Mime in Paris, Zurich, Berlin and Cologne

Internship and work at "Kefka Theatre", Milan Sladek, Cologne
Jobs at museums and galleries, internship at Kunsthaus Lempertz Auction House, Cologne

1984 First Solo Performances, Street Theatre
Collaboration in interdisciplinary art projects
Decision to work and live as a Performance Artist

1985-2000 Waiting tables all around the world
Lives and works in New York, NY
Solo Performances and collaboration with artists of the New York "Off-Off"
(dance, music, visual arts)
PS 122, DTW, The Kitchen, CBGB, St. Marks Church
Internship at Franklin Furnace, NYC
Collaboration with the Guerilla Girls
Learning and working with Merce Cunningham
Beginning of the collaboration and work with "Time and Space Limited", Linda Mussmann, NYC

Collaboration in interdisciplinary art projects, Dokumenta 8
Founding of SusaHee Performance, Cologne
Collaboration with ULTIMATE ACADEMY, Cologne
International Performance Conference, Bangkok, Chiang Mai
Staging and production of Performance Art
Teaching, first video film

2000-dato Birth of daughter Rosa Elisa  (Sept.2000)
Lives in Cologne and Mallorca (Spain)
Solo Performances and collaborations
Founding of AZUL,DanceTeatre for Children, Mallorca Spain, Teaching
Travel and work in China, Beijing
Collaboration and work with "Time and Space Limited",Linda Mussmann, New York
Collaboration with PAErsche Aktionslabor, Cologne
Continuous production and staging of Performance Art
Founder, producer and curator of FLIPBOOK -  Performance Art Project, Mallorca

Performances (choice)

2020-22 - BALANCE


2018 - SCHIRMGESPRÄCHE III - Just a piece of Paper


2016 - Hold the Line

2014 - Danceworks

2013 - Las Flores de Calypso

2011 - ...y además

2007 - Three Choreographies for China

2005 - See the sound Hear the movement

2004 - Standpunkt XXX- Candides Garten

2001 - IT really is amazing

2000 - Fragile

1999 - China (vol.2)

1998 - ES trotzdem TUN

1997 - MenschenTier

1996/95 -Die Gegenwart aller Zeiten (Trilogie)
Mondblume, Part 1. Sonnenflecken, Part 2. Farben der Nacht, Part 3

1994 - Vogel, Frei – zum Abschuss

1993 - Something New (SusaHee & Nachbarn) - Lächeln (SusaHee & Nachbarn)

1992 - RisikoHorizont - Hommage à Chingachgook (vol.2)

1991 - Tausend-Köpfig-Kopflos (Fragmente einer Reise mit Radio)

1990 - Gene-A-Logien (...die wilde krumme Linie gerade biegen)

1989 - China (vol.1)
Gelbe Schwingen und ein Lächeln - Sieben-Meilen-Stiefel-Traum

1988 - CARS – driving through Sumeria

1987 - Die Früchte des Vogels Bao - Its only an orange and I like it – JUICY - Feuerzeugzeitalter

1986 - Hommage à Chingachgook ( vol 1)

1985 - Sensoury Overload (all performances are about 60 minutes and more)

Performances up to 15.min.(choice) -
Pimiento -Payaso - Agua Agua - Lachend, der Absatz ins Leere gefallen - Hallo Kunstfreunde, lets talk about art - Das Plagiat

Performance/Installation (outdoors)
Noon rests on your eardrum (La mediadia se anida a tu timpano) Mallorca/Bangkok, 1997 - Bound-Space-Bound. Chiang-Mai, 1997 - Sonnenflecken, Köln, 1995

Video/Film - ChinaGirl
Kamera:Roland Kerstein Sprecherin:Echo Yansin, 10 min. Köln 1999

Kamera:Yola Berbesz Musik:M.Kolbe,M.Neu, 50 min. Köln 1996

Collaborations (choice)

PAErsche Aktionslabor e.V.

Time and Space Limited
New York,NY and Hudson,NY, collaboration since 1986

Mao Wow,99 Moby Dick,99. Let them eat bisquits,98,96. Little stumps and real conversations,89. Blue scene grey,87 Cross-Way-Cross,86 - TimeAndSpace.Org

Ultimate Akademie, Köln, Franklin Furnace, NYC, Sa Nau, Palma de Mallorca.and Elenore Wilhelm, M. Kolbe, Music, Susanne Wolter, Painting, La Pino

For actual productions, repertoire, collaborations and new concepts & ideas contact:
SusaHee Performance - susaphee[@]