SusaHee Performance - Susanne Helmes
Paco Vicedo, Percussion
Susanne Helmes, Choreografie, Dance, Idea & Concept

Compositions: Kevin Volans, Juanjo Guillem, Christopher Deane, Joan Valent, Xavier Carbonell, Gordon Stout

Texts: Jean de la Fontaine, Rafael Alberti, Linda Mussmann, Susanne Helmes

With support of: Concha Yago (Woman with the blue ball), RRREnsemble (Percussion) and Mauricio Brunetti (Lights)

Contemporary Dance, Slap Stick and formal movement mingle with various rythms and sounds of drums, vibraphone , marimba and ambient playback . Known melodic standards change to new forms of oral perception and interfere with spoken text. Silence.

This collaboration of Percussion, Dance, Movement and Text as independent partners reaches unity out of diversity. It is a conversation where contradiction and surprise lead to a symbiosis in mind and form.
SusaHee Performance
A Grasshopper gay
Sang the summer away
And found herself poor
By the winters first roar ..

.. So a begging she went
To her neighbour the ant
For a loan of some wheat,
Which could serve her to eat ..

... "How spend you the summer?"
Quoth she, looking shame
At the borrowing dame.
"Night and day to each comer
I sang, if you please."
"You sang! I´m at ease;
For this plain at a glance,
Now, ma´am, you must dance."

(Jean de la Fontaine)
SusaHee Performance
Did anybody see - did anybody hear - did anybody care
Was there any responding to the violence?

How - where - when did she come back - who saw her - what did she eat and what was about her singing and why ..

All these questions came around while she was going.
Moving on and on and on
Changing directions - turning around.
Is she still on the right track?
Here she stops - and waits.

What is IT to her - anyway?
Is it just - a waste of time
One two three four five six seven - thousand flowers grow behind a wall.
SusaHee Performance

El SONIDO del pensamiento, el silencio de la ACCION.
La actitud de observar lo que no se ve e interactuar con lo que se oye.

La danza y la percusión constituyen un principio creador que actuan simbioticamente para crear un concepto completo.

El MOVIMIENTO se convierte en condición indispensable para la producción de sonido en percusión.
SusaHee Performance
El SONIDO, producido por el arte del movimiento a modo de intención y acción, dibuja los sonidos creando sensaciones y formas.

La danza de sonidos se mezclan proponiendo visiones y escuchas contrapuestas, ofreciendo la posibilidad de llegar mas allá del gesto y de los sonidos ..
SusaHee Performance